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Celltrack Gravel Retention and Grass Protection

Celltrack is a grass protection and gravel retention system, specifically designed to allow the development and extension of vehicular access areas in aesthetically sensitive locations.

Geotextile FabricManufactured with ease of installation in mind, Celltrack can be used with a variety of fill materials, allowing developers to build new access areas (e.g. roads & car parks) which are both pleasing to the eye and consistent with the existing environment.

"Virtually invisible once infilled " 

Tensile Strength versus mass per unit weight

Designed for quick and easy installation, panels simply interlock together and incorporate small ground spikes which provide anchorage during installation.

Non Woven Geotextile FabricsCelltrack is a permanent panelled system that is virtually invisible from the surface once infilled.
Celltrack can be infilled with soil to promote grass growth or gravel to create decorative driveways and paths. The honeycomb structure helps to retain gravel on driveways and protect/promote the growth of grass when infilled with soil in turfed areas. In all applications Celltrack provides excellent support for vehicular traffic.