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Equestrian Geotextiles

Fibrelok stock the FASTRACK ARENA  (woven) and the FIBRELOK ARENA  (nonwoven) range of Geotextiles.

Specifically designed for use in equestrian arena and gallop construction, correctly installed they will retain their strength and properties for many years.

FIBRELOK Non-Woven geotextiles provide engineers with a comprehensive range of products from 70-2000gsm.

They are manufactured in state of the art facilities and provide the combined qualities of high water permeability and mechanical robustness.They play a major role in construction when performing the functions of separation, filtration and erosion control.

Fibrelok offer three main types of non-woven geotextiles, using two manufacturing processes, thermal bonding and needle punching.

The range of non wovens include:  Arena1100T (105GSM), Arena1500 (180GSM), Arena2000 (200GSM) & Arena3000 (300GSM), all designed to offer the optimum in containment of fine particle, whilst allowing the free movement of moisture.

For technical advice please contact us on 01302 220330 or visit the technical pages at

TECHNICAL NOTE: When jointing non woven geotextiles during Horse arena and gallop construction Fibrelok recommend using Geoflex hot melt adhesive to create a strong mechanical bond, please visit our adhesives section for full information.