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Fibrelok Non Woven Geotextiles

Woven Geotextile Fabrics
Fibrelok Non-Woven geotextiles provide engineers with a comprehensive range of products 70-2000gsm.
They are manufactured in state of the art facilities and provide the combined qualities of high
water permeability and mechanical robustness.They play a major role in construction when performing the functions of separation, filtration and erosion control.

Fibrelok offer three main types of non-woven geotextiles, using two manufacturing processes, thermal bonding and needle punching.

FIBRELOK non-woven geotextiles have been designed and developed to offer optimum performance per unit weight. Their resulting mechanical robustness and excellent hydraulic properties make them the ideal choice for applications requiring separation & filtration. Non-woven geotextiles, due to there high elongation at break, offer greater resistance to installation damage.

Furthermore non-woven geotextiles and in particular our SNW range, are ideally suited for use in membrane protection and coastal defenses due to there excellent puncture resistance and permeability properties.

Our Multitrack ranges have been carefully developed to provide engineers with a comprehensive choice of strengths, mechanical and hydraulic properties, to meet most on site requirements.

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