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TECHCELL Cellular Confinement

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Techcell Cellular Confinement System

The Techcell cellular confinement system has been designed to prevent shear failure and lateral movement of aggregate materials.

Techcell stabilises the infill, providing load distribution over weak soils, base stabilisation for paved and unpaved roads.Techcell is a perforated panelled system, providing contractors with straightforward installation, even on steep banks and slopes.

Techcell provides a cost effective solution for stabilisation, reducing the granular fill requirement by up to 50%.Fibrelok stock a wide range of cell sizes and depths to suit a variety of applications and load requirements, please contact us to discuss your application.

Typical applications for Techcell:

  • Road and pavement reinforcement
  • Tree Root Protection
  • Rail base stabilisation
  • Slope and channel protection & stability
  • Earth retention for banks & slopes
  • Earth walls
  • Reservoir and landfill protection
  • Vegetative slope confinement/erosion control