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TURFLOK Mesh - Grass Reinforcement

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Turf Mesh Grass Protection System

Woven Geotextile FabricsTurf Mesh is a versatile grass support system, which can be installed on already established lawns and park areas. Turf Mesh provides great versatility as a temporary system or left in position to become a permanent and integral reinforcement mesh.

Turf Mesh is laid directly onto the grass surface and secured in place with either 'J' or 'U' pins. Grass roots quickly grow through and establish within the mesh apertures, areas of installation return to a natural appearance as the Turf Mesh becomes part of the grass root matrix.

Turf Mesh has been specifically designed to facilitate vehicular traffic on ground with established grass/turf without effecting normal gardening practices e.g. mowing, fertilising, rolling.

"  A versatile grass support system  "